Monday, January 23, 2012

My first Andoid App, Jumble Solver.

A week ago I published my first Android app. It is called Jumble Solver, check it out.  This app solves anagrams (also known as Jumbles in the newspapers)

This app originated from my father showing me his FreeMat program that solved Jumbles. I don't know why my father took an interest in the newspaper game, but I tried to improve his hobby program. I quickly became frustrated with FreeMat, and in my frustration, I simply programmed it up in Java. Everything went a lot smoother, and the program was complete very quickly. I then had a crazy idea: "Why don't I try to get this on my phone?" It took a while getting the SDK and everything set up, but converting it to an Android app proved to be relatively simple. While simple, it was really exciting at the same time. When my app was running on my phone, I experienced that same joy that you feel when you make your first program on a home computer. It was like being young again! (well, younger.)

And so, after returning to school, I finally had the idea to publish the app and see where it goes.

I payed the $25 to publish Android apps, figured out how to add ads, and on January 15, 2012, I published my app.

It's been great, and since I've published it, I've released versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Each version expanded the functionality of my app. In the beginning, the app would only return the answers that use all of the letters entered in, but now, the app allows for words made from a subset of the input characters. Various sorting methods are now select able, as well as other customization.

The implementation of the algorithm is pretty fast, solving for all words that can be constructed from 10 letters within a second from a dictionary of over 172,000 words.

To be honest, this program is pretty simple, but I saw a need. Every other similar program on the market either didn't work completely or needed a web service to solve.

I hope you will continue to follow my posts and see where I go from here. I plan to continue to improve on this app and develop other apps as well. Maybe I'll even make a couple dollars in ad money, who knows.

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