Friday, March 16, 2012

Jumble Solver Updated with Wildcard!

I've updated my android app Jumble Solver after a user commented that it couldn't do wildcard letters, such as a blank tile in Scrabble.

Took a couple hours overall, but it was easy enough to implement. To use, you just put '?' in for the blank tile, and it will solve it. Now my app is even better.

Try it out!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 Month update: Goal Reached!

After uploading my app, Jumble Solver, on the Android market, I made a goal to recoup my initial investment of $25 within 2 months. Today is the 2 month mark and I'm happy to say that I made my goal!

First, the ad revenue: In 2 months I've earned $22.16 from around 34 thousand impressions. My click through rate is above 1% and I'm real pleased with that.

The second income comes from selling an ad-free version of the app, which comes to about $5.

Since $22 + $5 is greater than $25, I've hit my goal! I'm real excited, and the future can only get me faster and faster revenue.

Overall, there are currently around 1300 active installs of Jumble Solver.

Amazon also interviewed me, I hope to hear back from them soon.