Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New App: Boggle Solver, and other news.

Boggle Solver in action!

Boggle Solver:

The other day I realized that I had not done much Android development recently, so I decided to make another app. Luckily, I found my code from a Freshman year project that solved Boggle. I noticed that there was only one other Boggle app on the Market, and it lacked the ability to solve for 5x5 Boggle boards, and was a little tedious to use, so I made my own: Boggle Solver.

To use Boggle Solver, input either 9, 16, or 25 characters and click solve. A list of word solutions will appear, and when you click on a word, it is highlighted on the shown board for easy reference.

All in all, this project was fairly simple. I was able to reuse tons of code and I didn't really have to learn much to do it. Download today!

Internship Complete:

I finished my internship over at Fishbowl a couple weeks ago. It was a great summer and I really learned a lot from working on such a huge piece of software. Half of my time was spent developing Surfboard for Pipeline, an iPad and iPhone app that syncs contacts to and from Pipeline, Fishbowls online CRM service. Learning to code in Objective-C was interesting, and sometimes frustrating. The other half of my internship was spent improving and fixing our main product. Learning the ins and outs of a million lines of code is really quite a task!  My internship culminated in me pressing the button that would release our latest version of the product, 12.7. It was great, and the people there are wonderful people as well.

Other News:

Other than that, I'm back in school, and am currently signed up for 3 Animation classes. One being the senior film project class. Many amazing animated shorts have been made in years past by the BYU Animation program (numerous Student Emmys and other awards), so I am really excited to be working on the latest film.

That's all for now. I hope to show much more of my endeavors during this school year than I did previously.