Monday, February 13, 2012

Portal Lego and 1 month stats

Well, it's time to show the fruits of my efforts for the past few weeks. Today I will talk about 3 things: My android app, my recent Maya project, and my experience interviewing at Microsoft for a summer internship.

Jumble Solver Stats:

Last time I changed my goal to recoup my $25 developer fee loss from a year to 2 months.  It looks like that may be reachable, looking at recent numbers. Daily income was a little low after that blog post, so I was afraid I wouldn't make it, but I think I still have a chance.  It has been a month and I have 629 active installs of Jumble Solver. In addition, I also have sold a few copies of a "Jumble Solver Paid" edition that has no ads, for those who want it.
As far as ad revenue is concerned, I have been getting quite a bit of clicks, but it seems like the payout per click is pretty low recently. I hope this will improve. Looking at my income, including the app sells and ad revenue, it looks like I have $9.83 so far. So, 1 month in, and 1 month to my goal, I have about 40% of my $25 goal. Yeah, I'm a little behind. Oh well. Will I make it? stay tuned.

Also, I'm working on a new app, parents are going to love it.

Portal Lego Figure 3D render:

Last time I posted a castle. In comparison to this, that was pretty lame. What you see below is the final render for my second project in my Maya class. The project was to model a Lego figurine and render it in an environment. An accessory was also required. I chose to model Chell from the video game Portal 2 and a  companion cube. I invite you to use it for your computer desktop. I'm quite pleased with the results.

Microsoft on-site interview:

This last weekend, I went to Redmond to interview with Microsoft for a summer internship position. It was quite an experience. All expenses paid, and 3 hour+ long interviews in a row. I think I did alright. I interviewed for a position as an SDET (Software Developer Engineer in Test) in the Internet Explorer team. Me being a Chrome user, it was a little weird explaining why I choose to use Chrome instead of Chrome, but other than that, I think they were happy with me. 

That's all that has happened recently. Later.

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